Google to Acquire Twitch

Google has been know to try things out and most of the time fail. They have been trying to make a video streaming service for years and have failed each and every time. So what would a powerful and rich company do? They would buy a company that is already doing well. This is what Google is doing with Twitch only they are offering 1 billion dollars in cash (apparently) to the owner. But is Twitch really worth that much? I have no idea I sometimes watch live streams and they are fun. People who do live stream make some money off of it if you are good and lots of people watch you that is about a couple thousand a week. But how will Google acquiring Twitch actually go? Will it be a good thing or a bad thing? When Google acquires Twitch copyright policies will be more strictly enforced and will cause some live streamers to be angry because they like listening to music they like during streams. Google could also integrate Google+ which would be kinda annoying. But with all the bad things comes good things. Google being a wealthy company can put the resources together to make Twitch a better service.

Google really has had this mentality of”can’t do it just buy it” recently. They have bought companies left and right. It really shows that money is spent to make money. With Google recent buys they are building up to what seems to be going into their project Google Glass. Which is one of their most promising projects they have going on right now. It is a unique product and it has support from an endless amout of people. Because when Google does something that is not been done before they are good at it.


Climate Change is now a current problem!?!

If you couldn’t tell that was sarcasm. New reports from Washington D.C. show that we should be focusing on climate change now because it is now. Forget about saving our children it is about saving us. Some drastic changes have been noted in this report some of which are: Sea levels have risen eight inches since 1880 and are expected to raise one to four feet by 2100. This is because the warmer the water gets the more it expands taking up more space. Also forty three of the lower forty eight states have recorded record highs since January 2010. This shows that it is neccessary that we act now because soon we might not have coastal cities because the ocean will take over and flood them out. Now being in Iowa i don’t worry about floods i worry about droughts. Last summer was one of the hottest i have ever experienced in my life and i feel like that wont be the last because it is going to keep getting hotter and hotter no mater what. We need to find out a way to stop this. Because this will cause so much damage that we wont be able to come back from it. It’s like the complete opposite of The Day After Tomorrow one of my favorite movies but the way it is going i think instead of the oceans freezing over they will dry out and we will become a dessert planet like Mars. Technology can help us though the things that are being invented now to help us out later will be the light that will guide us through this time of need that has become dark because of our past decisions. Technology like Hybrid cars and solar panels will help us create new renewable energy that will help fuel our ideas and minds to start helping our planet not become Mars.

Net Neutrality in T minus NOW!

net_neutrality_poster_by_bugbyteNet Neutrality is one of the most talked about topics on the internet right now and doomsday is now coming upon us. Net Neutrality- the treatment of data from the internet is all treated the same. Comcast wants to change this for their own good and become the middle man who becomes rich because we want to access other companies website. This is quite scary given the fact that ISPs will control the internet. I am not kidding when i say that they will literally control the internet. What you can access, at what speeds, and when. Many Big companies like Google and Microsoft have teamed up to send the lead chairman of the FCC Tom Wheeler a letter saying that this new proposal from the ISPs will KILL the internet. The internet is supposed to be a place where opinions can be shared, things can be collaborated on, and all data is treated the same to make it equal. It’s like saying that you give rights to a road to a construction company to forever maintain a road as long as they make it faster. Then they have other companies pay them to make the road faster to them than their competition making a unfair and unjust system that supports monopolies. This is not ideal because a real economy is not based off of how well companies are doing its based off the competition that they get from other companies. This is why i am asking you guys to remember when we put SOPA and PIPA down because they threatened our internet rights. This is the same thing only this time they are threatening net neutrality. We can put down this debate and keep our internet free and not have a annoying middleman between us and the content that we access on the internet it is not for them to decide which kind of data gets priority and which get thrown in the trash.

Home Lan Security Warns about IE?

Home Land Security just made a bold statement by warning people to not use internet Explorer because it is vulnerable to hackers and other malicious software . A warning like this is rare to get from Home Land Security. Microsoft came back and said that the company is aware of “limited targeted attacks”. I on the other hand have a different reason to stay away from Internet Explorer. ITS A HORRIBLE WEB BROWSER. Really that’s all I need to say about it but I think i will go into more detail. The browser has way to many plugins making it one of or the most slowest web browsers know to man. Sometimes I think i could go look up a definition of a word faster in the dictionary than searching for it through IE. It’s also the ugliest browser i have ever seen. It’s boxy and really hard to work with. There is also the fact that I kinda agree with Home Land because they said the IE was susceptible to hackers because they were targeting Microsoft. Although this may not be entirely true it is still a possibility.

So if you are still in the stone age and using IE here are a couple well known browsers that are a million times better than IE.

3) Safari- The default browser on apple computers. It is a decent browser and is one of the ones that i like because it is simple and easy to use.

2)FireFox- I used to use Fire-Fox all the time before my number one browser was available for download. This is the browser that i would get first thing after booting up a new computer. It has it’s own security system built in and allows you to customize your browser to fit you best. If my favorite browser didn’t exist this would be the one i would use.

1)Google Chrome- Takes the best of both worlds. It is really simple in design and easy to use. You can customize it to your hearts content. It has a built in security system. What more could you ask for? When Google does something they do it right (other than Google+ that was a failure). I would recommend that even if you don’t use IE try Google chrome out because i think it is the best browser out there right now.
Here is a link to download Google Chrome-

Youtube Vs T.V.

I watch plenty of T.V but i find that i have been watching YouTube videos more. You may wonder “why?” and to tell you the truth i just don’t really know. I guess I find the community that is a part of YouTube more appealing. Maybe because the comments you make in their videos they actually read and it effects them unlike tweeting at a T.V. show where they don’t even read all of them because they get so many. YouTube is also very accommodating because they have from science to music all videos are different and there are so many to choose from. When i want to be entertained i just go and watch some of my favorite youtubers that are funny or do things that are interesting. I can also watch them when ever I feel like it making it very easy for me to just sit down when ever and watch a video or two. Then there are the youtubers that do science stuff like Minute Physics and Vsause. They both do cool thing having to do with science stuff making them fun to watch. They can be educational and teach me about things that I haven’t learned about in school yet and when they do come up i have a way of remembering them.

When it comes to T.V. it seems like its’s only reality TV or game shows. I know there are some exceptions like Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead for example. But they are all forty five minutes to an hour long making it hard to fit them into my schedule. While YouTube videos are any where from five to ten minutes long making them great for watching every once in a while. I guess that is why I like YouTube more than TV. For the different subjects that they can be on to how long they are. When both are together you got me hooked on watching YouTube videos on physics something that is not that easy to do to a teenager.


Why?Google Why? That’s what comes to mind when i think of Google+. We already have Facebook and twitter we didn’t need another social network to worry about. Who even uses Google+ anyways i know i don’t and will i ever i don’t really know but it wont be soon. Google+ was Google’s attempt at the social network scene and let it be known that it fell way short in fact in baseball this would be a bunt that doesn’t even get past the pitchers mound. That is how sad it is. Google tried to force it on to people by connecting their Youtube or Gmail account automatically to get people to use it and that really didn’t work out either.So it’s been a hard road for Google to get Google+ up and running. But today the head chief of the Google+ experiment has resigned. Nobody knows why but I have some thoughts on it. First I think that Google is giving up on Google+ and knows that it was a failure. Just like we all knew it was going to be because it’s kinda hard to force your way into the social network scene when you are competing with Facebook and Twitter.Second I think that the chief knew that Google+ was going nowhere and just couldn’t take it anymore and resigned. Everyone knows that it sucks to be leading a project that is destined to fail and you really do not want to do anything to help it out. All you want to do is move on and make something completely better. So maybe he will go on and help make something way better than Facebook or Twitter. We will have to just watch.

3D Printers

3D printers are some of the coolest things out there today. I really think that they are so cool because you can need a part to something or need something fun to do all you have to do is tell the computer what to do then BLAM its there. This makes seeing prototypes way easier than it was before because all you have to do now is send a CAD file and they can print it right there so they can physically hold it in their hands. For this reason and other reasons this is why i want a 3D printer. The reasons why they are so cool are because:

1) Business is easier now than ever: Prototypes and other scaled models could be sent and commented on just by sending a file over the internet.

2) New developments are being made so that the 3D printer can do much more. New kind of plastic has conductive material in it making it easy to make circuits.

3)they can make small scale models to help people visualize what it will look like in the future.

4)IT’S A 3D PRINTER DUH! 3D printers are just automatically awesome and cool because you can actually make things in your own home making it easy to make games and other fun things to do around the house.