Chores Heathly?

Personally I hate chores. But they help keep my house clean and are not much of a hassle. So if it keeps the house clean i’ll do them but it always comes down to cleaning my room. Like every other teenager I can never keep my room clean. So some people call housework exercise and i say no to that. Because you’re actually not moving that much you are usually just sitting down and dusting or something. But also researchers in the U.K. have done a study about how people who list housework as their exercise are tended to be heavier than someone who didn’t. I think this is because anyone who actually works out or goes on runs doesn’t think of housework as exercise because it doesn’t match up to the physical stress that either of those two have. I think that listing house chores is like listing played Angry Birds on my phone. Even though chores are moving around it is not enough exercise for you just to do that you need to get outside and exercise or go to the gym to get a good amount of workout to be healthy. Like for example I go out and play Ultimate Frisbee with my friends every now and again for at least an hour and a half to two hours. Even just going on walks for fifteen to twenty minutes would be good. The point is don’t just count on housework to be enough exercise you need to get outside and enjoy the outdoors or if you don’t like the outdoors just go to the gym you can always find something that is fun that doesn’t feel like your exercising because you are having so much fun with friends.


Bedtime Emotion Management

Everyone get to bed at different times some early some late. Some people may think that it is not a problem they have to think about they just go to bed when they feel tired. Well scientist have conducted a study that shows that how much sleep you get directly correlates with your emotion for that day. Or at least in children.It has been shown that a child who goes to bed at 7:30-8:30 pm is better off socially than a child that goes to bed at a irregular bedtime or past 9:00pm. But bedtimes are not just for children i have my own bedtime that I like to be in bed by and that is at 10:00pm on school days. I’ve noticed myself that if I’m tired or didn’t get to bed on time I’m grumpy and irritated and those days are not usually my greatest. Everyone I know is this way if they didn’t get a lot of sleep they are usually very grumpy and not wanting to talk to people. So i think that this is true past childhood into the teenage years and into adulthood. It is also good for your health for you to have a good nights rest because when you sleep that is the time your body starts to repair it’s self and start making connections in the brain. So sleep is the most important thing that your body needs (other than food, water, etc…). It effects how your mood is how sociable you are and how aware you are of your surroundings. It makes me wounder if not getting enough sleep is a bad thing is trying to stay up by drinking energy drinks, coffee, or any other beverage with caffeine in it, worse? It has to be right?