Allergys Suck

Even though we are getting into the winter season here allergies still suck. Although they get better in the winter because the pollen count goes way down because the trees don’t reproduce in the winter. But they are still there for people with animal allergies or food allergies. But there are some rumors and misconceptions about these allergies. Like being allergic to eggs. Before you couldn’t get a vaccination because scientists would use egg embryos to grow the virus for something like the flu or rabies. But now scientists have made it safe for people with egg allergies to get the shot and make sure that they don’t get sick during the flu season. But then there is the misconception of a hypoallergenic dog or cat. In reality there is no hypoallergenic dog or cat its just an over exaggeration of it being less likely to cause a allergic reaction to the animal. But people think its the fur that causes an allergic reaction its not it’s the saliva that causes it because it gives off allergens.third people think that they are allergic to gluten. Many people are not actually allergic to gluten in fact it is very rare to be allergic. Most people just have a gluten intolerance and can’t process gluten products.


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