Flu Season

I’ve already got my flu shot this year but apparently scientist have now combined different strains for this year. Scientists get together and try to predict which strains will be the most common this year. They then combine them to make the vaccine. This year they are using three strains of the flu virus and one other virus that will help keep millions of Americans and other people healthy this flu season. Flu season is what I think about when someone says winter. I think it’s horrible I always end up sick somehow but there are some tips that can keep you extra healthy this flu season. 1) Get plenty of rest. Studies have shown the more tired you are the more vulnerable you are to viruses and infection. 2) WASH YOUR HANDS VIGOROUSLY This is the most important thing that you can do and the most effective way not to get sick. Many people just stick their hands under water and say that’s good enough but it’s not it’s actually very germ-y on your hands and when you go from a public place like a grocery store to eating. All the things you touched had germs on them and they will get you sick or feeling like crap. 3) Stay home if you do catch something. You risk getting others sick when you go to school or work sick. The best way to get better is to stay home and rest. Sleep the whole day if you have to just don’t do anything that will tire you out because how tired you are is how tired your immune system is. 4) Vitamins help all year round so if you have a multivitamin you take keep taking it it will only improve your chances of not getting sick. Finally 5) Get your flu shot it can help reduce the chance of catching the flu because the flu shot is just dead viruses of the flu and helps your immune system recognize it easier when the real thing comes up in yourself.


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