Despite the recent news with the NSA people are still buying new phones every day. I even got a new Iphone 5S for Christmas and I’m enjoying it a lot. Even if the NSA is watching. But another report was sent out today saying that this month people have bought more android devices than apple or any other smart phone company. In fact android out did them by a whopping 79% of all smart phone sales. That’s incredible! I guess it might have to do with the fact that they are affordable and are really easy to use. In fact this is a trend android devices are the most popular smartphones in the world. But Apple still gets buy with it’s sales probably because of their cost and that is what leads to their low shipping rate. I’m not saying that i don’t like Android or anything I mean they are still good phones but for me I like the IOS operating system better than Android’s operating system. Although it is way easier to code for android (even if I wanted to) I still like the IOS operating system. If I had to buy a phone when i get into college I will probably be getting an android because they are so cheap and affordable compared to the other smart phones.



What is the TTP (Trans-Pacific-Partnership) you may ask. Well TPP is basically what every internet user should be worried about. It is SOPA,ACTA and all other evil “agreements” back from the grave. Except this time it is being done in secret. This act has not been released to the public and media until recently. This disgusts me because we Americans have shot down every act they try to pass on this issue and they just keep coming back with more acts. It’s like they don’t learn. WE DO NOT WANT YOU TO RESTRICT OUR INTERNET RIGHTS! The act was only open to 600 corporate lobbyists. Which seems like they don’t want use to learn about it. I think they were trying to get this passed on the down low and now it’s made the news and people including me are not happy. They are fast tracking this making it almost invisible but soon leaked texts and other important documents have been released and now have the public scared. They have already made a website for the people to get a hold of your representative and i encourage you to go and write a letter because the more we get the better the chance that this censored future is going to not happen.

Google Making a Move for A Smart Mind.

Recently Google has been making moves to obtain some companies that make it look like they are trying to do something once again. Google just acquired Deepmind A company that works on artificial intelligence and they also acquired Nest a Smart thermometer maker. This make me think that they are trying to make an innovation that will change the way we think about our homes, cars, and other parts of our daily lives. No one has as much resources and ability to actualy make what they want to happen true as Google does. Google has been around bring in the most brightest thinkers and anyone else willing to take on the challenge. But will this new AI Google is making really worth it. Google is spending millions upon millions of dollars to make their dream a reality. They are trying to send us into the future along with their new Google glass product. It almost seems like what they want to do is send us into the world of the Jetson’s with automated everything and smart just be a word we used to use because everything is now “Smart”. I can’t wait to see what Google does with its resources because it’s always something cool and new when they release something.

Oh Mother

Do you feel like you have to track everything that you do and that you want to see it on your tablet or phone. Are you forgetful and what something to remind you to take your medicine or tell you to water your plants. Well mother is for you then. Mother is a tracker with gyroscopes in them to tell you if they are being used.It comes with an adorable little Russian doll looking thing used as the hub and some sensors that you attach to mostly anything in the house. Mother than keeps track of what those sensors do and how many times they are used. the hub then can send your report to your ipad with, again a cute screen where all your information comes up. Will this actually help people though. I just think of it as being just another worthless thing that if you dont check your idevice you actually wont know what is going on. The idea is kinda good i mean it could be used but i just don’t see it being used yet it maybe could be used in the future when we actually need it but really we already have things for reminding us to do things. Like a simple calendar for example.

New type of Golf Shoe

Golf shoes are usually boring maybe white or black and don’t really have that much design in them. You don’t see any of them with bright colors or complex designs on them making them just the run of the mill kind of shoes. Well now there is a shoe that combines the idea of foot shaped shoes for runners becasue why make something when we are already equiped with some of the best traction you could get with out shoes? The idea behind the foot shoe is that your foot is already shaped perfectly for running so why waste it. Now they are bringing this design to the golf course and it is questionable that if it is real or not. Some think this could be just some photo shop work but some think that it’s not because it could actually work. I think that it is real because if you come to think of it, it is an idea that someone had to come up with and I see it working. The reason i see it working is because it’s a new idea but it has some rolling hills to over come. The current shoe is what is most popular right now and it will take some time for this idea to actually catch on.


Science and technology is booming with innovation and it’s keeps growing and growing. Some people think we are going too fast but to them I say no. We are not innovating too fast. This has been going on for years. We have been able to communicate our ideas faster than before with the use of the internet and phones. This allows us to get our ideas out there and actually get feed back within an hour. Like this blog I’m writing down my ideas for everyone to see to see if anyone else has the same opinion as me. This technology also allows doctors and researchers to communicate better to come up with cures and medications faster. It has been an very important thing in many peoples daily work. GPS has been a very good tool for us also from military to civilian use it has helped so many people and we keep increasing its speed. What I’m saying is that everything is evolving around us almost like Darwin’s research everything gets better for the purpose that it was built for. Like the international space station would the first man that went to the moon or even the man who dreamt of space travel thought that one day that we could have a space station orbiting the earth and satellites used to help us find our location. I think that technology is evolving and that it is changing rapidly and that is a good thing for everyone.


How safe is the information that we give out to many different companies? Do they really keep it to themselves or do they sell it to many different companies researching their customer base. Just recently we have seen Target lose many of their customers credit card information. This was a hack that someone did and was able to get a hold of anyone’s credit card that was used on black Friday at Target stores. This was a shock to most people. Now the security researcher has claimed that he could get 700,000 peoples information from in just four minutes. Don’t you think that it should at least take a little longer than that to hack into a government database where there is a bunch of very private information about people. He used a technique called passive reconnaissance and didn’t even have to hack into the website to get access to these files. I now don’t really trust giving out my information that much anymore. Because if a government website can be hacked within four minutes how safe are other sites like Facebook and twitter? In fact Facebook isn’t really a social network site primarily it is actually a site that collects information about people and sells it to different companies. Google is doing the same thing. So how safe is our information if people can just hack their way into our sites and steal that information?