Youtube Vs T.V.

I watch plenty of T.V but i find that i have been watching YouTube videos more. You may wonder “why?” and to tell you the truth i just don’t really know. I guess I find the community that is a part of YouTube more appealing. Maybe because the comments you make in their videos they actually read and it effects them unlike tweeting at a T.V. show where they don’t even read all of them because they get so many. YouTube is also very accommodating because they have from science to music all videos are different and there are so many to choose from. When i want to be entertained i just go and watch some of my favorite youtubers that are funny or do things that are interesting. I can also watch them when ever I feel like it making it very easy for me to just sit down when ever and watch a video or two. Then there are the youtubers that do science stuff like Minute Physics and Vsause. They both do cool thing having to do with science stuff making them fun to watch. They can be educational and teach me about things that I haven’t learned about in school yet and when they do come up i have a way of remembering them.

When it comes to T.V. it seems like its’s only reality TV or game shows. I know there are some exceptions like Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead for example. But they are all forty five minutes to an hour long making it hard to fit them into my schedule. While YouTube videos are any where from five to ten minutes long making them great for watching every once in a while. I guess that is why I like YouTube more than TV. For the different subjects that they can be on to how long they are. When both are together you got me hooked on watching YouTube videos on physics something that is not that easy to do to a teenager.



Why?Google Why? That’s what comes to mind when i think of Google+. We already have Facebook and twitter we didn’t need another social network to worry about. Who even uses Google+ anyways i know i don’t and will i ever i don’t really know but it wont be soon. Google+ was Google’s attempt at the social network scene and let it be known that it fell way short in fact in baseball this would be a bunt that doesn’t even get past the pitchers mound. That is how sad it is. Google tried to force it on to people by connecting their Youtube or Gmail account automatically to get people to use it and that really didn’t work out either.So it’s been a hard road for Google to get Google+ up and running. But today the head chief of the Google+ experiment has resigned. Nobody knows why but I have some thoughts on it. First I think that Google is giving up on Google+ and knows that it was a failure. Just like we all knew it was going to be because it’s kinda hard to force your way into the social network scene when you are competing with Facebook and Twitter.Second I think that the chief knew that Google+ was going nowhere and just couldn’t take it anymore and resigned. Everyone knows that it sucks to be leading a project that is destined to fail and you really do not want to do anything to help it out. All you want to do is move on and make something completely better. So maybe he will go on and help make something way better than Facebook or Twitter. We will have to just watch.

3D Printers

3D printers are some of the coolest things out there today. I really think that they are so cool because you can need a part to something or need something fun to do all you have to do is tell the computer what to do then BLAM its there. This makes seeing prototypes way easier than it was before because all you have to do now is send a CAD file and they can print it right there so they can physically hold it in their hands. For this reason and other reasons this is why i want a 3D printer. The reasons why they are so cool are because:

1) Business is easier now than ever: Prototypes and other scaled models could be sent and commented on just by sending a file over the internet.

2) New developments are being made so that the 3D printer can do much more. New kind of plastic has conductive material in it making it easy to make circuits.

3)they can make small scale models to help people visualize what it will look like in the future.

4)IT’S A 3D PRINTER DUH! 3D printers are just automatically awesome and cool because you can actually make things in your own home making it easy to make games and other fun things to do around the house.


I love to watch movies and T.V. shows and Netflix just makes it so much easier for me to do the thing that I love to do. I watch from Flashpoint, a T.V. show a bout the Canadian S.W.A.T. basically to c ult classics like Pulp Fiction. This is something that I enjoy almost every day, but what I fear is that sometimes that I do it too much. This is a condition many people have including me called Binge watching and im pretty sure that almost everyone does this at least one wether it be from watching all the Star Wars movies to catch up before the new one comes out or they are just watching an amazing show like Breaking Bad. Binge watching is really bad for people you can sit there for hours on end and not even realize it. I’ve done this many of times without realizing that I had done so. But if a show is good is almost impossible not to. It’s almost,no it is an addiction that many people suffer from I think that binge watching could be more addictive than cigarettes sometimes.I’ll end up watching watching three seasons of Breaking Bad in just a week. If that does not qualify as an addiction I think i need to re-learn what addiction means. From what i have heard from other people is that they do this sort of thing to and sometimes they are worse than me. But recently Netflix was told by Comcast that they need to pay more for the bandwidth that they are taking up with their servers being so large. This will cause Netflix to increase their price just by a dollar or two just to compensate for what they are going to have to pay for more space. But Netflix promises that it will being putting up more shows and making it’s service way more better for everyone. They even plan to include more Netflix only shows like House Of Cards this will excite many fans of the series. From what  I have heard about is that the price raise will happen pretty soon but will not effect current subscribers for now. So you can keep your price right now but cherish it while you can.

Earth Day

Happy earth day everyone! Earth day became a national holiday forty four years ago today. This is a special time of year where we think on how we are treating the environment and how our decisions affect our children’s future. For me i didn’t really think that today was any different than any other Tuesday during the school year. It’s always about whats due tomorrow or when is the next test. So when i sat down to do my blogs tonight i thought about Earth day and how far we have come from 44 years ago. Our technologies have far surpassed those of which had existed back so long ago.
Here in Iowa most people look around them when driving on the highway or interstate just corn and bean fields. What I see is ethanol which is one of the ways that technology is helping out the environment. Ethanol makes our gas more available because we add it to gas and it makes it go a lot further than what it normally would go.
Also in Iowa we installed fans out side because it gets so hot in the summer. Okay maybe they are not fans but rather wind turbines that help make energy too. Just looking around me I’m starting to see more and more technologies that are helping the environment right now. From Solar panels to wind turbines all of them help out with cutting down the CO2 emissions that our cars and other things we depend on give off. But I’m looking ahead what kind of technology will be next to help prevent or reverse global warming. It’s sad for me to say it but i just dont know. Electric cars maybe it but i’m not sure. I’m not really a fan of electric cars just because well to say it bluntly I’m a male and I enjoy to hear a engine purr. That’s why many men love their cars me included (even if it is a Camry from 1995). I think we just love the feeling of freedom or something like that. But it seems to me that electric cars are a big turn off for most men. So i think i can scratch electric cars off the list for now. But what else does that leave? I have no idea and hope that something amazing will be announced soon that will help the environment and seems like something that i could invest my time and money into.

Project Ara: Google’s new vision of what “customize-able” means for phones

Phones come in many different shapes and sizes. From smart phones to flip phones (dumb phones is more like it). There are so many different things to choose from. You can either have a good camera,processor, display, or battery but none of those together,until now. Google’s Project Ara is their new way of sticking to the companies that say that their phones are customize-able to a large degree. To Google this is a straight up lie, they think that they are just at the tip of the ice burg. Until now customize-able was a term used to say that you could change the screen saver or background on your phone. This is not what Google calls “customize-able” that is just something that your phone should have built into it just to make it look pretty.But here comes Google’s dream and many other tech-geeks, including myself very excited. Project Ara is Google’s new phone system that is focused on separate components being put together to make your phone “your” phone. The things that they are doing with this new system is having different models of the basically skeleton of the phone ranging from small to large skeletons. The bigger the skeleton the more components that can be fit on to it. The components go from a better camera to a bigger battery. This would be very helpful on trips because you could slap on your bigger and bulkier battery so it will last longer while when you are not on a trip you can carry around a more smaller battery making it more usable and adaptable to different situations where as if you get a phone that has a long battery life for trips the cost will be that it will be bigger and bulkier than something that has less battery life.
To me this phone is definitely going in the right direction. it makes me think of my computer. There are so many components that i could just slap into my computer to make it do the things that i want it to do. If I want to do more calculations with my PC I just put in a better processor. If i need more video ram i’ll put in a graphics card to help render videos faster. Project Ara is basically the same thing you can do all the customizing that you can do with your computer but just with your phone instead. I just can’t wait to see what Google still has in store for us for Project Ara. I will be keeping a very close eye on this one and so should you.