3D Printers

3D printers are some of the coolest things out there today. I really think that they are so cool because you can need a part to something or need something fun to do all you have to do is tell the computer what to do then BLAM its there. This makes seeing prototypes way easier than it was before because all you have to do now is send a CAD file and they can print it right there so they can physically hold it in their hands. For this reason and other reasons this is why i want a 3D printer. The reasons why they are so cool are because:

1) Business is easier now than ever: Prototypes and other scaled models could be sent and commented on just by sending a file over the internet.

2) New developments are being made so that the 3D printer can do much more. New kind of plastic has conductive material in it making it easy to make circuits.

3)they can make small scale models to help people visualize what it will look like in the future.

4)IT’S A 3D PRINTER DUH! 3D printers are just automatically awesome and cool because you can actually make things in your own home making it easy to make games and other fun things to do around the house.


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