Why?Google Why? That’s what comes to mind when i think of Google+. We already have Facebook and twitter we didn’t need another social network to worry about. Who even uses Google+ anyways i know i don’t and will i ever i don’t really know but it wont be soon. Google+ was Google’s attempt at the social network scene and let it be known that it fell way short in fact in baseball this would be a bunt that doesn’t even get past the pitchers mound. That is how sad it is. Google tried to force it on to people by connecting their Youtube or Gmail account automatically to get people to use it and that really didn’t work out either.So it’s been a hard road for Google to get Google+ up and running. But today the head chief of the Google+ experiment has resigned. Nobody knows why but I have some thoughts on it. First I think that Google is giving up on Google+ and knows that it was a failure. Just like we all knew it was going to be because it’s kinda hard to force your way into the social network scene when you are competing with Facebook and Twitter.Second I think that the chief knew that Google+ was going nowhere and just couldn’t take it anymore and resigned. Everyone knows that it sucks to be leading a project that is destined to fail and you really do not want to do anything to help it out. All you want to do is move on and make something completely better. So maybe he will go on and help make something way better than Facebook or Twitter. We will have to just watch.


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