Youtube Vs T.V.

I watch plenty of T.V but i find that i have been watching YouTube videos more. You may wonder “why?” and to tell you the truth i just don’t really know. I guess I find the community that is a part of YouTube more appealing. Maybe because the comments you make in their videos they actually read and it effects them unlike tweeting at a T.V. show where they don’t even read all of them because they get so many. YouTube is also very accommodating because they have from science to music all videos are different and there are so many to choose from. When i want to be entertained i just go and watch some of my favorite youtubers that are funny or do things that are interesting. I can also watch them when ever I feel like it making it very easy for me to just sit down when ever and watch a video or two. Then there are the youtubers that do science stuff like Minute Physics and Vsause. They both do cool thing having to do with science stuff making them fun to watch. They can be educational and teach me about things that I haven’t learned about in school yet and when they do come up i have a way of remembering them.

When it comes to T.V. it seems like its’s only reality TV or game shows. I know there are some exceptions like Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead for example. But they are all forty five minutes to an hour long making it hard to fit them into my schedule. While YouTube videos are any where from five to ten minutes long making them great for watching every once in a while. I guess that is why I like YouTube more than TV. For the different subjects that they can be on to how long they are. When both are together you got me hooked on watching YouTube videos on physics something that is not that easy to do to a teenager.


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