Home Lan Security Warns about IE?

Home Land Security just made a bold statement by warning people to not use internet Explorer because it is vulnerable to hackers and other malicious software . A warning like this is rare to get from Home Land Security. Microsoft came back and said that the company is aware of “limited targeted attacks”. I on the other hand have a different reason to stay away from Internet Explorer. ITS A HORRIBLE WEB BROWSER. Really that’s all I need to say about it but I think i will go into more detail. The browser has way to many plugins making it one of or the most slowest web browsers know to man. Sometimes I think i could go look up a definition of a word faster in the dictionary than searching for it through IE. It’s also the ugliest browser i have ever seen. It’s boxy and really hard to work with. There is also the fact that I kinda agree with Home Land because they said the IE was susceptible to hackers because they were targeting Microsoft. Although this may not be entirely true it is still a possibility.

So if you are still in the stone age and using IE here are a couple well known browsers that are a million times better than IE.

3) Safari- The default browser on apple computers. It is a decent browser and is one of the ones that i like because it is simple and easy to use.

2)FireFox- I used to use Fire-Fox all the time before my number one browser was available for download. This is the browser that i would get first thing after booting up a new computer. It has it’s own security system built in and allows you to customize your browser to fit you best. If my favorite browser didn’t exist this would be the one i would use.

1)Google Chrome- Takes the best of both worlds. It is really simple in design and easy to use. You can customize it to your hearts content. It has a built in security system. What more could you ask for? When Google does something they do it right (other than Google+ that was a failure). I would recommend that even if you don’t use IE try Google chrome out because i think it is the best browser out there right now.
Here is a link to download Google Chrome- https://www.google.com/intl/en/chrome/browser/#brand=CHMB&utm_campaign=en&utm_source=en-ha-na-us-sk&utm_medium=ha


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