Net Neutrality in T minus NOW!

net_neutrality_poster_by_bugbyteNet Neutrality is one of the most talked about topics on the internet right now and doomsday is now coming upon us. Net Neutrality- the treatment of data from the internet is all treated the same. Comcast wants to change this for their own good and become the middle man who becomes rich because we want to access other companies website. This is quite scary given the fact that ISPs will control the internet. I am not kidding when i say that they will literally control the internet. What you can access, at what speeds, and when. Many Big companies like Google and Microsoft have teamed up to send the lead chairman of the FCC Tom Wheeler a letter saying that this new proposal from the ISPs will KILL the internet. The internet is supposed to be a place where opinions can be shared, things can be collaborated on, and all data is treated the same to make it equal. It’s like saying that you give rights to a road to a construction company to forever maintain a road as long as they make it faster. Then they have other companies pay them to make the road faster to them than their competition making a unfair and unjust system that supports monopolies. This is not ideal because a real economy is not based off of how well companies are doing its based off the competition that they get from other companies. This is why i am asking you guys to remember when we put SOPA and PIPA down because they threatened our internet rights. This is the same thing only this time they are threatening net neutrality. We can put down this debate and keep our internet free and not have a annoying middleman between us and the content that we access on the internet it is not for them to decide which kind of data gets priority and which get thrown in the trash.


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