Climate Change is now a current problem!?!

If you couldn’t tell that was sarcasm. New reports from Washington D.C. show that we should be focusing on climate change now because it is now. Forget about saving our children it is about saving us. Some drastic changes have been noted in this report some of which are: Sea levels have risen eight inches since 1880 and are expected to raise one to four feet by 2100. This is because the warmer the water gets the more it expands taking up more space. Also forty three of the lower forty eight states have recorded record highs since January 2010. This shows that it is neccessary that we act now because soon we might not have coastal cities because the ocean will take over and flood them out. Now being in Iowa i don’t worry about floods i worry about droughts. Last summer was one of the hottest i have ever experienced in my life and i feel like that wont be the last because it is going to keep getting hotter and hotter no mater what. We need to find out a way to stop this. Because this will cause so much damage that we wont be able to come back from it. It’s like the complete opposite of The Day After Tomorrow one of my favorite movies but the way it is going i think instead of the oceans freezing over they will dry out and we will become a dessert planet like Mars. Technology can help us though the things that are being invented now to help us out later will be the light that will guide us through this time of need that has become dark because of our past decisions. Technology like Hybrid cars and solar panels will help us create new renewable energy that will help fuel our ideas and minds to start helping our planet not become Mars.


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