Google to Acquire Twitch

Google has been know to try things out and most of the time fail. They have been trying to make a video streaming service for years and have failed each and every time. So what would a powerful and rich company do? They would buy a company that is already doing well. This is what Google is doing with Twitch only they are offering 1 billion dollars in cash (apparently) to the owner. But is Twitch really worth that much? I have no idea I sometimes watch live streams and they are fun. People who do live stream make some money off of it if you are good and lots of people watch you that is about a couple thousand a week. But how will Google acquiring Twitch actually go? Will it be a good thing or a bad thing? When Google acquires Twitch copyright policies will be more strictly enforced and will cause some live streamers to be angry because they like listening to music they like during streams. Google could also integrate Google+ which would be kinda annoying. But with all the bad things comes good things. Google being a wealthy company can put the resources together to make Twitch a better service.

Google really has had this mentality of”can’t do it just buy it” recently. They have bought companies left and right. It really shows that money is spent to make money. With Google recent buys they are building up to what seems to be going into their project Google Glass. Which is one of their most promising projects they have going on right now. It is a unique product and it has support from an endless amout of people. Because when Google does something that is not been done before they are good at it.


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